We are Albuquerque residents, small business owners, teachers, police officers, nurses, teachers, students, moms and dads all working to end the tragedy, hopelessness and out-of-control crime crisis that has taken over our city under the current leadership of Mayor Keller. We are raising money from residents and small business owners in Albuquerque for our campaign to support the candidate for mayor who will end the crime crisis and restore our city to its former safety and vibrancy. Contributions to our measure finance committee will be used to communicate with the voters of Albuquerque about the truth regarding the crime crisis and countering the spin, lies and distractions of out-of-touch politicians who have failed our children and families. Your generous donation will help us to achieve these goals to better the lives of our children, families, seniors, and small business owners.

Crime is out-of-control like we have never experienced in our lifetimes as Albuquerque residents. Record high and almost daily murders, exploding violent crime, auto thefts, burglaries, carjackings and drug dealing have brought our city to its knees. And it’s our children, families, seniors and small businesses who are paying the price. Mayor Tim Keller has failed us and we cannot afford to allow him to destroy our beautiful home for another four years as crime only gets worse under his watch. Save Our City’s focus on crime, the economy, anti-corruption, and the well-being of children, families, seniors and businesses is why we’re working to elect Manny Gonzales the next Mayor of Albuquerque.

Manny Gonzales has proven he can keep the residents of unincorporated Bernalillo County safe with low crime rates that are the complete opposite of Mayor Keller’s crime wave and mismanagement of APD. Keller and Chief Harold Media have shackled the hard working women and men of APD and won’t allow them to do their jobs keeping themselves and others safe. Keller and Medina put all of our children and families in danger every day by allowing the crime crisis to rage, but they also endanger Albuquerque Police officers who already put their lives on the line every day in Albuquerque’s crime-ridden streets. 

We cannot have a prosperous city again until we have a safe city. Albuquerque residents are tired of living in fear for their lives, fear that their child will be assaulted, fear that their homes and cars will be broken into, and fear that their businesses will be robbed and decimated. We must, and will, elect Manny Gonzales the next Mayor of Albuquerque.



Sam Vigil - Co-Chairman of Save Our City Measure Finance Committee

Sam Vigil2.jpg

Sam Vigil graduated from Estancia High School in 1962 and went on to earn multiple degrees from the University of New Mexico including a B.S. in Business Administration in 1972, and a Master of Public Administration and completion of a Health Administration Program both in 1982.

Sam founded Valencia Counseling in 1981 and continues to serve as the CEO of the company serving residents of central New Mexico. Vigil served as the president of the Psychological Association of New Mexico from 2003-2006 and was a member of the Behavioral Health Planning Council from 2008 - 2012. 

Today, Sam Vigil serves as a community advocate for victims of crime in Albuquerque. He is focused on making real change to combat Albuquerque’s out-of-control crime crisis that claimed the life of his late wife. Jackie Vigil was murdered in a gruesome car-jacking gone wrong in the driveway of their own home on Albuquerque’s westside on November 19, 2019. Sam is also the father of two New Mexico State Police officers serving their communities in New Mexico.  

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Representative Bill Rehm - Treasurer of Save Our City Measure Finance Committee

Bill Rehm is a seventh generation New Mexican born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. In 1968 he graduated from Highland High School. 1975 Bill graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Albuquerque. 
1973 Bill began his community service by joining the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department. 1976 to 1979 Bill was a member of the Albuquerque Police Department. In 1984 Bill returned to the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department. Highlighting some of Bill's service, he was a member of the fatal traffic crash unit, auto theft, narcotics unit and internal affairs, to name a few assignments. 1995 Bill graduated from the FBI National Academy. Bill was honored by the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department with the Julian Narvaez Memorial Award and was the Deputy of the Quarter. The Albuquerque Police Department awarded Bill a Medal of Meritorious Service for his service to the community as an officer with their agency. Bill retired in 2000 as a Captain and continues his community service as a volunteer.
Bill continues as a law enforcement instructor for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. In the 1990's Bill instructed Traffic Investigation and Enforcement for the Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (CNM). Bill was a soccer coach, referee, coach instructor, referee instructor, for girls and boy teams and an AYSO Board Member. Bill has been a volunteer committee member with the NM Game and Fish Habitat Improvement Committee. 
In 2006 Bill became a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives. Currently he is the senior Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee and is a member of the Voters and Elections Committee. When the Legislature is out of session he is a member of the Courts and Corrections Committee and an advisory member to the Rural and Economic Development and Pension Oversight Committees. Since 1986 Bill has lived within House District 31 and thus understands its needs. Today Bill is a small business owner and testifies as an expert witness in traffic crash cases.

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Karen Montoya - Co-Chairman of Save Our City Measure Finance Committee

Karen Montoya is a 12th generation New Mexican who was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Albuquerque and attended Queen of Heaven School where she played basketball, softball and ran track. During the summers, she was on a swim team at the Menaul Aquatic Club and played basketball and golf for the Del Norte Knights. She graduated from Del Norte High School in Albuquerque 1984. Montoya then completed coursework at the Technical Vocational Institute, University of New Mexico, and the International Association of Assessing Officers to become a certified appraiser in New Mexico. She also attended County College through New Mexico State University. Karen had two beautiful girls, Amanda, and Alysha. 

Karen began work in the Bernalillo County Assessor's Office in 1991, in 2004 she served as chair of the County Valuation Protest Board, and became a senior appraiser at the New Mexico Property Tax Division. She was also the first woman elected Bernalillo County Assessor, being elected in 2006 and re-elected in 2010. During her tenure Karen was appointed to be the chair of a task force by the New Mexico Association of Counties and she was also the vice chair of the New Mexico Association of Assessing Officers as selected by her peers.  In 2012, Montoya entered the race for Public Regulation Commissioner, and won. Montoya was chosen to be Chairwoman of the Commission in 2015. Karen Montoya is now retired and enjoys six grandchildren while working to turn around Albuquerque’s crime and economic problems.