The next mayor of Albuquerque.

Thank you for visiting the Save Our City Measure Finance Committee, created for the 2021 City of Albuquerque Election for Mayor. The purpose of Save Our City is to return Albuquerque to its former safe, family-friendly, prosperous, vibrant and beautiful status. Albuquerque has seen record years for murder, an unprecedented violent crime explosion, growing homeless camps, and out-of-control drug and alcohol epidemic ravaging the city - all under the current Mayor of Albuquerque. Mayor Tim Keller has failed us and we cannot afford to allow him to destroy our beautiful home for another four years as crime only gets worse under his watch and jobs are lost. Save Our City’s focus on crime, the economy, anti-corruption, and the well-being of children, families, seniors and businesses is why we’re working to elect Manny Gonzales the next Mayor of Albuquerque.